Trish Hatfield

Strengths-Based Facilitator

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I work closely with clients and stakeholders throughout the process.
I help the client group identify its strengths in the group to bring about progressive changes.
Because the process is co-created, it suits client needs in a timely, cost-effective and culturally sensitive manner.
I help the client define goals to help ensure progress and satisfaction.


“Trish’s skill as a facilitator and generator of bright thinking enabled our group to engage in deep, creative brainstorming that resulted in a strategic plan that will be used for years to come. Her techniques take into account different learning styles that enable everyone to make meaningful contributions to the process and final product. Even those who had trepidation about group activities gave the facilitation high marks because it was fun, efficient and productive. What a great combination! Thanks, Trish!”

—Margaret Pomponio, Executive Director, WV FREE

“Trish is an excellent facilitator. She took time to understand our needs and to gain insight from all members of the group prior to our team building retreat. She proposed appropriate options for the group and the goals of our retreat were met. Trish is great to work with and I highly recommend her!”

—Michelle Foster, CEO, KISRA

“I have enjoyed the privilege of Trish Hatfield’s facilitation skills on several occasions and have never been disappointed. Trish facilitated the Board Retreat for Covenant House and lead us through an engaging evaluation of our history that informed our future planning initiatives. Her efforts strengthen organizations, posturing for ethical and sustainable growth.”

—Ellen Allen, CEO, Covenant House

“Meetings to set the agenda prior to the Strategic/Planning meeting itself allowed for us to "throw out" ideas, think out loud about them and then rethink them as needed. Trish offered good activities, which would allow for the Board members to become more comfortable as we moved into the heart of the meeting and put together an agenda which was fun yet focused for the day. On the meeting day itself Trish skillfully led us through the agenda in a calm, quiet yet directed and purposeful way. The outcome: good discussion, questions, directions.”

—Sister Janice Landwehr, CSJ, Co-Executive Director, Sisters of St. Joseph Health and Wellness Foundation


I’ve been facilitating small groups for 20+ years, traveling regionally and in the Northeast (Boston) and the Midwest (St. Louis). I used to describe facilitating as dancing with fire until I discovered Appreciative Inquiry. It is a strength-based, collaborative group process that blends oral history with strategic thinking.

The sweet spot for me in facilitating is the soft sound of people talking to each other in small groups – sharing peak moments of success with all the juicy details, analyzing their stories for strengths that worked well in the past, thinking together how these strengths can help them experience what they want more of in the future.

I incorporate music, poetry, and art – respecting the multiple learning styles that exist in every group. And along the way, expressions of trust, compassion, laughter, and creativity gently emerge to ease the inevitable transitions and transformations that accompany change. For that’s what this is about, facilitating change.

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My fees vary according to the scope of the work and will be determined after the initial meeting with the client group.


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